Factorial in Hopscotch!


During Mental Abuse To Humans. I was learning (more like getting bored) about Factorials!

A factorial number has a ! on the end of it.

So here are some examples:

4! = 4*3*2*1


3! = 3*2*1

Now Hopscotch doesn't have a function for Factorial. But you can use the existing math functions for it!

So here is my project explaining factorial and how to code it in Hopscotch!


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I think that @BuildASnowman and @oio might be interested in this.

What are everyones ideas on this? What could it be helpful for?

The Happy Face is Out!

Factorial fυnction and combinations fυnction

That is really cool! (Can I use that GIF?)


Of course!


Wow, what a coincidence! I was recently taught a lesson on factorials in my school, it's rather simple!

Anyways, this could promote further learning on the art of coding in Hopscotch! Great work on the explanations!


Thanks! It took a while to make work.


Any more feedback?


Noo! I didn't say that you should un-vote!


Lol "Mental Abuse to Humans"
M.A.T.H :wink:


How will facto rials help you with coding for?


Well that's what I made this topic for :slight_smile:


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