Fact sharing topic game-thingy



Let's start a Hopscotch game!

The game is to share a fact you know (hopscotch-related or not) and post it here!

No bad/mean/cruel words
No stupidity
Make sure it is a fact
Make sure that you're fact is new (by that, i mean it's not yet posted)

I start:

Did you know that Mars has two moons?

I don't care if you know it already


Hey! You can get more from Super Planet Dolan.


Cool topic!

But maybe they should all be Hopscotch related, since all topics have to be related.


Just type a fact! I said can be or not. So, somehow it is Hopscotch Related.

Did you know that Robo was made by Chilanna?


I think all of the facts have to be related to make this topic ok. :blush:


I guess the Leaders won't mind, would you? Anyways this is educational.

Did you know that lipsticks are made of fish scales?


Oh really? No :yum:


Share a fact!!!! ARGH.

Did you know that the first dinosaur bones that were found were of a megalosaurus'?


I'm sorry, but his is mostly unrelated. I'm not sure. Let's ask the mods!




Did you know that the Snowboard Chilanna was holding is one of a kind? It could go on land and snow!


The facts have to be Hopscotch-related.


The will have to be hopscotch related. :/
Did you know mandrill used to do CrossFit? (True)