Face Swaps! Halarious!



Get ready for Lels, omjs, and Kay.

Because this is face swap time!

This is supposed to be fun, and Polite.

Please feel free to do whatever swap you want!

I will allow chat, tag and other stuff, if it's on topic!
I would love to see the face swaps you come up with!

Let's begin!

Oh, yeah, and the face swaps you do will either be coded or drawn on hopsotch. Take a screenshot, and post it on here!

And that should be it!

We will learn more as this topic grows. Feel free to ask questions!



Is this topic related to hopscotch? Maybe we could code/draw the face swaps on hopscotch! :D


How is this related to Hopscotch? :D
Maybe you could code it :D


To both:

Yes, I forgot to announce it.

Thank you for reminding me.

Editing Time!


Be glad I'm not in my tsundere mode!


Here, since it only really focuses on the faces
Though, since I made it like that, it looks broken.

I failed so bad.


Sorry, I was watching Sailor Moon.

She is the one named Sailor Moon!




I can't even



OMG, there is no way I can code or draw this...


Or this.

It's just too detailed


Cool topic! Unless you are going to actually draw/code the swaps tho, this isn't related. But cool pics!


I don't have my stylis on me, sadly.
(Did I misspell anything, I'm tired.)
So that's why I said too detailed for me to draw.

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