Face profile pic


I'd change your profile pic. It's dangerous, as people can try to track you.


To show your location is even more dangerous than showing your face. There could be some cracy people who would use it.


Most People usually joke around with location.
And dats good.


Always remember that hopscotch forum is public . Forum is like facebook and hopscotch app is like private


So in conclusion...

Please change your profile pic.


Thanks for using my topic!


This is much true :stuck_out_tongue:

@Candycane, Kiwi's Post though :joy:


Wow @Candycane you are so helpful! :smiley: Thanks for being such a great role model and contributer to the forum! Keep up the great work! :smiley::wink:


The rule of thumb is: you can't post a picture of your face unless you have a signed contract with the Hopscotch Team or you're prettier than my dog, which is impossible.

If you post a picture of your face, someone could steal your identity, track you down, and many other horrible stuff.

Proof of my pretty doggo.

SwagSav's General! MY DOG IS SO CUTE

Everyone above has pretty much explained it.

Well done @Kiwicute2013!


@Kiwicute2013, very good, very good :stuck_out_tongue:


Wheres your doggo
Show me your dog
Or your moves.


@Kiwicute2013 can U post other pics or change the cutest pic into my profile pic pls ?


hair flip
Well, I think my dog...
Is dead ;-;
But you have an adorable dog :D!


R.I.P. @OnceUponATime's dog D:


I miss her ;-;
system is


You have the best doggo


Thank you so much! :D


I think she's prettier than a hooman(at least in doge standards…)


she's a modela. why do people keep thinking she's a corgi? i walk her down the streets and people scream, "OMG LOOK AT THAT LITTLE CORGI. CAN I TAKE A PICTURE WITH HER???" her body is much shorter and her legs are much longer.

She's a poshie. Pomeranian/sheltie mix.