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There are some people saying I'm not aloud to have my face as my profile pic but others said it's completely fine as long as I'm being safe with my actions. I am being safe and I'm not to incompetent as to talk to a random person or share personal information. I just want my fellow Hopscotchers to know what I look like. Don't you guys agree?

There Are Some Users Who Have Account Pictures That Might Be Showing Themselves

No, it's just that if you show your face, people can track you down and do bad things to you. It's against the rules, too. You technically can, but you shouldn't.


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Is that your face?

@Funky_63_Greenland posted something about this...


@Funky_63_Greenland's profile pic is of his face, but he is an adult, so he can decide. Most of us here are kids, and to keep us safe we shouldn't show our face. That's just the rules.


Like @EP125 said, kids aren't allowed to have their profile picture as their face, as someone could try to track them down. But I suppose you could with your parent's permission :)


Then why is a forum user aloud to share their current location, but it's still bad to show your face? How does sharing your face even compare to your location? And there's thousands of kids that use Instagram, Facebook, and much more dangerous than this, and a lot of sites require you to share your location, age, and much more personal things that don't compare to one picture of yourself?!


Listen here young lady.
You are not allowed to share your addr.ess but pretty much your country of residence here. If your country is big (an example would be america or the UK.)

There are children on here below 12-13. A very few are older.

Hackers/pedophiles are quite clever at getting what they want.

Just change your profile pic to your art or something.


The 'location' feature doesn't mean share your exact location, it's just a fun little thing. You'd get in big trouble if you actually shared your location.

Those kids on Instagram aren't safe, no matter how many people do it :slight_smile:


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Here are a few posts from a topic that you might want to read, I'll put the links at the bottom :D


So yeah.

Parents need to sign a contract.


Ok...Im going to try and word this in the best way...

You can share you face as your profile picture if you want, But I wouldn't advise it...its makes it easy for somebody to track you down...its not like social media...its hard to explain...I wouldn't have my profile pic as my face on my Instagram (I'm not saying my username)

If you do have your face as your profile picture, you have to know the risks...a hopscotcher called 'Funky 63' has his face as his profile pic, but he is an adult, and he is responsible for it and knows the risks​:wink:

And kinda answering your question, On here you can't share your Adress but you can share your county, like the UK or the USA, you can also share your first name, and your age​:wink:


You are allowed to use your face, just be careful


Yeah. Instagram and facebook isnt safe for kids. They're risking something.


Well said @Huggingfluffybear


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Listen, I don't think it's a good idea to share your face. This is the Internet, and a lot of bad things can happen. Yes, it's legal, and yes, we aren't in control of you, but it's against the community guidelines- the rules. We just want to keep you safe. :)


I wouldn't share your face if I was you! The Internet is dangerous and you need to be careful. If you are desperate to show your face, it is at your own risk, your parents need to sign something as well. Maybe put a picture of your art as your profile picture as well!


This is a bit unrelated, but I wonder if this is allowed?


You could still see the main features, so I think it's no to faces and that...


I completely understand what you are saying. We are all doing things at our own risk, sharing general locations and showing our face in social media.

But this isn't like social media. We are all trying to stay safe. And sharing your face is dangerous here, because the forum is public. Anyone could come here, see your face, and do something that harms you. So share at your own risk. Maybe you should keep this in mind from the Community Guidlines:

My advice is: don't share your face. There is plenty of awesome gifs, pictures, and drawings you can change to. Try one of those! :smiley: