EyNo Elite (Rawrbear's Elite Code Club)



Hello @Rawrbear! A clan, hmm. So I have lots of skills. First of all, I am 12, so I can join within the age. Second, I have gotten into rising once. I don't know what to consider famous? I think I am sort of famous because I get a lot of like on easy projects, for some reason. I know what every block means. I am on like...... EVERYDAY!! I am not lying, only if I am on a vacation though. Go check out my Strengths and Weakness post. I will give you it if you request it at my demand. Also, one last thing. Am I accepted?

@Rawrbear, you never said yes or no to me. Am I in?


@Rawrbear Can I be a Mod?



Uh... I don't meet all the requirements...
Thanks for tagging me, though! I'm honored!!

excuse my bad grammar it was intentional


Hey @Rawrbear!

I'd really like to join your club! I guess you'll find out after this "form" that I use perfect grammar! I'm age 11, that's for sure, so I already meet one of the requirements. I've been on Rising once, Trending once, and Featured once! I guess it's up to you to decide whether I'm famous or not. I get an average of 25 likes per project, and my Activity Bar is always clogged up. So, technically I am a little bit famous. Even though I'm in Grade 6, I do Grade 9 Math, and I've been accepted into the best school in Canada, so I know everything about square root, powers, etc. Sine and Cosine are also somethings that I am good at (I've memorized the whole purpose of Sin and Cos). I also know the purpose of every other block (memorized), and I'm especially good at explaining Values to beginners. Finally, I'm on the Forum almost everyday and I publish at least one solid project per day.

I hope you consider my application!



Heyo. Just going to say, this is VERY problematic. Hopscotch is for everyone, and only letting famous people into your "clan"? That seems pretty messed up to me.


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Sure why not!
Not gonna be on a lot tho


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Can't like ;-; good post tho :D


First like! #sweg



Not now :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I want to join!!!!!!!!!!




Oh mah gerd
Someone spilled my teacher's coffee and it drained his computer, and graded tests/papers! It's not even working now! :grimacing: oh my gosh


Woah. :open_mouth:


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I forgot to add you! :yum:


Oh my.."


I'll make the EyNo gmail!


Actually, I might need to kick people out for various reasons. Sorry!