EyNo Elite (Rawrbear's Elite Code Club)




I'm making a clan, like @UptownStudios did. :sunglasses:

I will make a forum account and a Hopscotch account, and we'll do stuff! I don't exactly know what we'll do, but it's going to be awesome! Think of this as FaZe or OpTic Gaming. :smile:

Want to join? Read the rest!


  • You must use correct grammar normally. No grammar mistakes, punctuation, etc.
  • You must be age 11 or higher.
  • Must have been rising/featured/on game changers at least once.
  • Must be famous. The reason why is because that proves you're worthy, and people like what you make. (I will make exceptions to this if I need to.)
  • Must actually understand all of the blocks in the editor and what they do. This includes blocks like create a clone, starting stuff like when the play button is tapped and operations like square roots, powers and sin and cos.
  • Must be on the forum and the app frequently.

These requirements will filter out the most skilled Hopscotchers!


Write a short or long paragraph or set of paragraphs explaining what your skills are and anything else you can use to convince me that you want to join. I'll read it and consider your position.


These people are who I am recruiting to join EyNo (and you may skip most[†] requirements and the paragraph):

[†] Note: you must meet the age requirement.


Credit to @Paydent12 for the profile picture idea! Members, if you update your picture, please tell me so I can update it here!


Moderators (this rank will soon be renamed):


Paradox Inc. Club

Idk can I join...I'm not famous? Am I?
I know what all blocks do.
And I'm over 11.
And I've been on featured!


I'm laughing! You said proper use of grammar, but that Temmie on your profile though.


Sorry, three of your four sentences didn't have periods.


(Are you Kidding)


I meet all of the requirements for this I think. I might not be able to contribute much due to my busy schedule, but I'll try my best to help. You know my skills...I can make games, shape art, music, and other stuff. I don't know what else you want me to put in this paragraph. Thanks.

I probably didn't have to do this but oh well. (throws potato)



(Quote for secret!)


I am a very thorough coder. I like to think I work very hard on creating my logos and games. Both games I have created have been featured. I can use sine and cosine without much thought, and am good with values. I think I am pretty famous. I have been featured twice and am 12 years old. I'm on Hopscotch every day. @Rawrbear


What is your definition of "famous?"


Can I join? I might not be famous, or be on rising. But, my most played project is at least 500? Is that enough or should I go on? I have great grammar as well! I'll only use bad grammar if I have to, though. Plus, if you choose me, I can operate a thing with blocks. And I'm on the app and forum a lot! Hope you consider me. - @Fun_in_the_Sun




thing left me crying of laughter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy:

(Quote this)

@CreativeCoder, @UptownStudios and @SUPERSWAGGY, you're in. :slight_smile:


@SmileyAlyssa I'm pretty sure he would consider you famous.


I'd like to join if you can make the acceptance. I have been on featured once and trending quite a few times.


Woah woah woah, where am I in all of this?(If you didn't accept me it's ok)


Your projects are pretty awesome. You're in. :smile:


Wait, let me see your account...


Seriously? I sincerly hope that is a troll.


My new account is Funny_in_the_Sunny


@Rawrbear I don't know if I'm famous. Does the age requirement really matter?

I've been on featured 5 times so I met that requirement.


Nope, it's not. Sorry if this makes you feel bad, I want people who are about as old as me or older who are in this who understand things that older kids should now by now! Little kids still have stuff to learn as they get into my age :wink: