Eye Art Contest Thingy


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I added more detail for the eye!
Might do a black and white shade eye next!


Don't rate yourself high dude. It looks bad

Sorry accidentally voted 2 xD


No, no... it just looks bad if you rate yourself in general.


I rated you a have cuz it needs a bit more detail, but I like it! I can't do trail art


Like what kind of detail? Darker.... More shine?


Maybe more color, and if you can, thinner and more eyelashes.


Ran out of likes Xb


Me too! I would be liking ur posts XD
Edit: nvm I have likes


Are you going for realism?


Can't you change it?


Yes, are you a drawer? I don't know what else to add and how?


Yes, I like To draw. Let me write a small list of things, quick. :P


So, if you're going for realism, the biggest thing to me is the outline. Maybe you could cut down the width of it? Also, a small pink bit is in the corner of the eye, if you want to include that. The eyelashes span all the way across the eye, and not just the end, along with shorter ones at the bottom.

Your trail art is really good! :D


Sorry, different account...

Do you think more realistic white spots will work?


I think so, though I can't tell. :P




It isn't like that kind of realism
I want the eyelashes there for this on but i will keep going on it
It also blinks

Thanks for the advice


It was, the eye art thing!




I like the eye a lot. Great job there!