Extronus! My Clan! Join today!



Hi guys!

I'm going to make a clan!


You can't be famous!
You can't be a regular (I will make exceptions for some people!
You have to acknowledge that everyone on Hopscotch is equal!

Please join if you fit into these requirements!

Signing out







I fit all the requirements! I'm not famous, I'm a member, and I agree that everyone on hopscotch (and in the world) is equal :blush:


You know, most of the people on the mass tag list are regulars.

I would join, but I think I'm going to start our own herd, TRICERA–HERD.
And @SabotageWarning, everyone is eventually going to get Regular.


I am all of those thing! Can I join @SabotageWarning


Hopscotch already has a clan...


thank you @SabotageWarning
also, what do we do in this clan? XD


Can I join I'm not popular!


It's awesome that you're making this club! :D


Oh... Not clash of clans :sweat_smile:


Can I join? I'm not that famous I think....