Extreme Project Lag on Older iPads



When I'm working on The Aptitude Test on my iPad Air, it lags...a lot. Whenever I open or close a new rule or move a block inside code, it will freeze for a while, then perform the movement. It's only happens in this project. Is anyone else experiencing this?


This happened to me on a project I was playing, I closed the app and shut down my Ipad, It was working perfectly after that. It also happened when I was working on my project with lots of code


This sometimes happens when I am coding projects with lots of code.


I'm getting this glitch to on my smoothie maker game it has lots of code I'm on mini iPad 3


The weird thing is, it only happens on this iPad and with this project. I've restarted it before, and it didn't do anything


It happens to me when I use "Check once if" blocks or "Check if else" blocks.
Hopefully this lag problem is going to be fixed! These blocks are important to games!


That makes sense then, because my code is full of them (37•3 check once blocks)


I used to try not to use many "check if else" blocks but I have a much faster iPad (mini 4) I use them freely.
But it is weird for such a fast iPad...


I know I'm late, but I recently started doing pixel art. And that lags a TON! I can put in blocks, then when I remove one it freezes for a minute! The code is so laggy and glitchy and it drives me crazy!


Hopscotch sometimes lags on our iPad, and it's relatively new. It was for our mom, until she bought Hopscotch and we got addicted. She got this iPad in November, too!