Extra Seed and Product Functionality

What I’d like to see in Hopscotch is improved functionally for the Seed Block and purchases, allowing for more in depth control over adding paid content to your games.

1: Additional Statistics

  • Data for each project that has seed purchases, such as count of purchases and seeds gained for each product in the project, along with total seeds gained in that project.

  • Data for all the seeds you’ve earned across all your projects from a range of time, and a chart showing daily/weekly/monthly/etc seed income, with what projects you’re gaining seeds from and what things you’re spending them on.

(In other words, Quality of Life stuff for finding out what you did best that made you the most seeds, this would be handy but isn’t needed by a long shot)

2: Global Products

  • Like regular products, but managed in the app instead of a project, and a single global product can be used in all of your projects.
    For example, Cupcake buys a global product in Project 1, and gets benefits in Project 2 as well.
    Useful for if you want to have a one time purchase for benefits across several different projects.

Lmk what you think of these, and any feedback you have on them. :)) @Teminems_MMs


Yesh yesh yesh this is cool


I like the global product suggestion,
It would be really cool and also very nice to have if you’re making a game with a sequel, or maybe a story series.


I haven’t tried, but this might already work if you mod the UUID of the products across projects to be the same. I don’t think the UUID of the project is tracked with the product, but I could be wrong.


Thanks! I was thinking about it earlier when I was trying to think of a way where I could have people purchase a single product and have benefits across all of my games, instead of a single smaller purchase.

Sounds interesting. I don’t understand enough to try for myself, however it’s neat how stuff like that can potentially exist across several projects.


alright so these are just suggestions from the perspective of a community member (yes with access to this block but that’s irrelevant atm)

keep that in mind and watch your tones and attitudes.

they dont have the same inside knowledge that we do as seed devs, and while these may already be features partially in place for us, the rest of the community doesnt know much, if anything at all, about them.

saying things like

Unfortunately THT cannot do that for everyone, and the reason for this is confidential.


This won’t be added for everyone just to let you know

is actually extremely condescending and comes across as shutting down a perfectly valid idea as “oh, you cant have this because youre not a seed developer”, and that implicitly can convey a very alienating message along the lines of “hey, youre not part of this exclusive select program so you cant have the cool stuff we get, even if you can use the same special blocks as us”

i know that this isn anyone’s intention at all —yall are just tryna be helpful and explain that this exists and is a feature that wont be publicly released in the foreseeable future— but it really can come across in that way and its very important to consciously be mindful of this.

try explaining the situation in a tactful and understanding way instead. while that can be wordier, its much kinder and more effective.

besides, Temm has some very cool ideas in the OP that shouldnt be overlooked; some parts of idea 1 are actually things that our dashboards dont automatically show (overall stats) and idea 2 with global products is really cool and i would definitely love to see that implemented.


i haven’t been able to think of a way to say this, so i’ll just say thank you <3 instead
it means a lot /g


Both suggestions sound interesting, I would love to see them implemented.
I especially love the global products idea, I know that that will come to use.


Ok, Just deleted my post. I didn’t know I was being so rude.


it’s alright, thank you for the delete. now you know tho, so you can work to being better about this in the future :sun_behind_small_cloud:


I also deleted it

I’m sorry


its all good dude. theres just a perspective gap and being unaware of that is normal, especially if youre on the end with more info.
thank you for the delete too.

now lets get back to talking about temm’s awesome ideas :))


I would love to see this go on projects individually to get a wider view of statistics of income, both seed dev and seed access.

Really should be added when seed block goes out to everyone if it does


Yeah, I like the idea of stats since I’m pretty sure hopscotches long term goal is for users to be able to make money via converting seeds to cash. This all depend on a wider rollout of the seed block, if it’s only for a few select users I don’t believe it is worth it


Nice Work @temm, nice informative topic!

I personally like this one, it’d be helpful if you’d add a seed subscription in a project, coders who had it could be benefited in multiple projects!
I can’t wait to see this in the future and it’ll be a great addition to hopscotch!


While I’m nervous about a subscription based system, due to younger users forgetting and losing excess seeds, thank you for the feedback, I’m glad you liked it!


Thi would be pretty cool

I have not actually used products at all, but I love some seed games!

Maybe add a way to make your own statistics so things like high score could be tracked without remixes!


This is a great idea!

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