Expressing our opinions about the update in a kind way



So, there are some varying opinions on the new update.

No matter what your opinion is, be sure to be kind about any issues that you see- THT worked very hard on making this app, and we should return the favor to them by being kind about the new update.

This was a short topic, but it needed to be said. :slight_smile:

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I totally agree! People are hating on it like they did when iPhone coding first came out. I'm trying to tell people that they'll get used to it.
EDIT: Gilbert, you're a fast liker! XD


A lot of people were a little disapointed for the new editor

My self included.

I do agree, some people were a little harsh, but they do want feedback :wink:

but still, copying and pasting is boss.


I agree.
I'm so sad when I see those "remix if you hate the update" projects on trending ;-;

People just don't understand, adults have feeling too ;-;


Yes, feedback is great! We just need to share this feedback in a way that takes THT's and other's feelings into account. :D


Do you know if there hurt :l


I would be hurt if I saw some of the things people have posted and published. :grimacing:

Even if they aren't hurt, we should still be kind.


They explicitly made a post saying they were hurt D:


Yeah, this definitely has to be said D:

Giving feedback in a way that will help THT is great, but if you say "THIS UPDATE SUC.KS I NEVER SHOULDVE UPDATED!1!!11!" (just an example, I don't mean it), then that's not good.


I know how it is spending your soul and hard time on something just to be hated, or ignored.

But thats how you improve, I made lots of projects I spent time on on scratch just to be ignored, and I spend less time on others, which get more....

Another example - Back when I played minecraft, I owned a server. I was thretened and attacked over stuff that people did not like.

Ok thats enough :confused:


Exactly, which is why we need to be kind when giving feedback. :slight_smile:


Still living in peace with the old update. XD

But, does anyone mind making a tutorial on how to make the screenshot fit the preview? On Hopscotch.


Im glad its not like saying no to someone on a server to be scared because someone threts to ddos you because you did not make me owner.

But yes, toally agree :>


You just pinch the screenshot when publishing. You can zoom in or out. :D

(I don't have the update, either. :D)


Yeah I know how to do it. :stuck_out_tongue:

But a lot of other peeps don't, including funky63.


i for one actualyly love it, I was away for four weeks so anything flys!


Yeah... This does tend to happen every update...

While I was looking at the fact that HS HAS A NEW UPDATE! I was like: Should I update or not? And I was, "Meh. YOLO"


At first, I actually diligent it all. But now that I updated and played around with it, it's not that bad! I think that you it will just take a little getting used to, just like what happened with the last update. Not many liked it, but now everyone is fine! ;D