Express your opinion about the subscription in a nice way



Ok, so I've seen about a million and one topics about the subscription and how it's "too much" and it's "not fair". We had this problem with the new editor, but I still feel I need to say this.
We need to tell THT feedback that is worded in a nice way. Pretty much everyone on here has an opinion and that's great, but let's not divide the community because we're different, that's what should bring us together. If you think that it's too much money, ok. If you think the update's awesome, ok. Just remember to respect each other's opinions and not think that somebody else I'd "weird" or that's their "making the wrong decision" if their not doing the same thing as you. On hopscotch it's even worse:

My opinion is that THT needs to make money, and so they've put the effort into making new things and getting people to pay for them so they can actually have a life, and I think that's great! The community here in HSF has been through a lot of ups and downs, but we need to stick together in the storm, not rage and argue and quit to make the storm worse.
I really don't want people to be offended, but I felt this needed to be said.

-A Peaceful Apple


Very awesome topic! :D

I agree! I can afford it, however, my mom or dad won't let me get it.


Nice topic! :D


It's seems like an awesome update! I'm just disappointed because I can't afford it ;-;


I can afford it I'm just not sure if I should get it. I do think that ppl are allowed to dislike the suscrpition and everything but they should word it nicer

I had an idea though. Each person should get a one week free trial. At the end of the trial, if u like it trend u do the suscription. If u don't like it then u don't

My problem is that I want to but it but I don't know if I will like it. If I had a free trial period then I could make my decision and know my money is spent well


I agree. Everyone's complaining about the update. Just CHILL. Hopscotch needs to make money, and they have found a way to do that. Before the update, no one complained that we didn't have pictures, but know if you can get pictures, people are exploding. A lot of you can't get it, but is it really that big of a deal?
I mean seriously. It's really annoying.


Well, anyone can do the free week trial, they just need to tap a button (XD)
Thanks for agreeing with me :D


I can't... How do u do the free trial?


Oh sorry, it's only for the beta testers D:


Also, @Gilbert189, sorry if this is too similar to your topic :wink:


My opinion is that it's not really that great and it's overpriced


Do you have it right now?




You don't it?

Thanks MC!!!!!


I'm able to get it, but I don't really want to so yeah...
Great topic by the way!



Try this :wink:


Great words! I agree!


Da Apple, this is much true! :thumbsup:


Ok, here's my feedback in a nice way!
I understand THT needs to make money, but I think HS just isn't the subsribtion kind of app! It just makes some people feel left out from the people who can pay! If you could, please remove the pay option! Thank you!
Ok, here ya go!


If they did… THT would have to shut down HS because they couldn't afford to keep it open. Then all the Team would have to find other jobs to support themselves and their families.

They need money :slight_smile: