Express your excitement for new Hopscotch updates 😃



This is a topic where we can all come together and express our excitement for the new features and bug fixes THT has added to Hopscotch. Can’t hold in your excitement because of a new code block or bug fix that THT added to the app? You don’t have to contain it anymore, come here and blab out all your excitement in whatever way you find necessary as long as it complies with the rules. If you really feel like it, just thank THT for making the whole app in general.


  1. If you see a post on this topic that is not following the rules, you must flag it. Even if it’s your best friend that you know in real life.
  2. Do not judge anybody’s posts. When someone is boiled up with excitement, they sometimes use too many exclamation points, or let’s auto-correct sneak in and ruins their post. I couldn’t care less about any of this mistake junk. This topic is to have fun and unleash your boiled up excitement for the app.
  3. Be nice. Don’t say you like the app better because of someone’s downfall, or that you love the app now that a certain user has left
  4. If you have something off-topic to say as a reply to a post on this topic, link it to your GT. Do not, by any means, post it on this topic.
  5. Have fun! If you are not having fun, you must leave this topic immediately. If you are not having fun because a person posted something that you find offensive, flag the post, and then ignore it and enjoy the rest of the topic.

God Bless


I am SUPER HYPED about the is not pressed block! It is just totally awesome! I am super excited to use it in my Are You Patient and Persistent. Oh yeah, it super cool.


Cool topic idea! The mentioned update should be published on the App Store since about a week ago. I checked my iPad and I have that rule. I haven´t really used it yet, but I agree, it sounds really cool! :smile: