Expo's Art Club!



Aww! TYSM! It looks amazing!


Activity Time!

Draw your favorite food(s)


@Explorer_ :art::smiley:
@Kitkat26 :art: :crayon: :iphone::smiley:
@Lisa1045 :art: :crayon:
@girlcode :art: :crayon:
@laser_eyed_puppy :art: :crayon::iphone::smiley:
@Grizzlyzoe :art:
@Kitty4U :art:
@StarryDream :art:
@hyperactive_fox :art:
@SweeTeaStuffz :art:
@PaperBagHat_meep :art: :crayon:
@photographer123 :art:


I can’t do it rn I’m doing math
I’m srry


Darn I did the last challenge, but I forgot to post it


It’s ok, you could show it now


It’s ok! Don’t worry about it!


Lies…ALL LIES XD hehe I’m so cringe


Really, your art is not cringe, this isn’t a place to judge by cringeness (or to judge at all)


Toast with goat cheese
Moi fav food :3


Sorry can’t at airport. Won’t be able to do anything this whole August


Wow. Thanks I never thought of it like that. I am only 10


It’s ok! Thanks for telling me!


Aah! I’m super busy these days. I don’t have time for the next few weeks!


That’s cool! 10 year olds can be artists too. You are better than i was @ 10 XD


:triumph: ok here

yup pretty plain I also liek pumpkin supe


You seem kinda mad


Here’s my old, old, entry :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry It took so long, I’m so busy right now, and I kept messing up ;(


It’s ok, I’ll think I’ll stop doing activities until everyone is available


Nup! Why would I be mad in this amazing art club?! :grin:


Thanks for calling it amazing! I saw the emoji so, I thought…
Well, nevermind! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: