Expo's Art Club!



I don’t talk with a lot of people on the forum can I draw someone from the app?


Okay, here is @ Dolphin_coders, (this is a rough draft of how she actually looks)

Now I think I get the :iphone: Because it was on a IPad




I cannot do this art challenge. I am in a huge rush right now


It’s ok, but thanks for telling me!


I may be able to do it later. I think we are in different timezones so my art might show up late or randomly.


Ok, that’s fine with me!


Sorry, I don’t really understand that


This is AWESOME!!! :open_mouth:




AAAARRRGGHHH so cringe! welp, all of my drawings are

argh sneezing sooo badd :sushing_face:


Your drawing aren’t cringe


I think I get :smiley: bc I complemented a drawing


Oh ya! Thanks for reminding me!
And sorry about that


Could I draw one more friend on the forum?


If you want to
It’s your choice


sorry,I don’t think I can do this challenge, I am really busy right now :stuck_out_tongue:
I think I can post my entry from the last activity, though. :}


Ok then! That’s fine with me!


Here is a drawing (on my phone of course XD) of my hopscotch friend, @Explorer_!! : )


Woah that’s so good! I can’t even draw like that! It’s so realistic. You are an amazing artist. : 0