Expo's Art Club!



There is no due date! :D


Nice! Thanks! (ghghdhfhdm)


I would like to join, but I am not good at art at all.


It doesn’t matter, I’m not good at art at all!


Ok, but I am sad, I think that I simply don’t have the time to do it, especially not when school starts again.


It’s your choice


Here is my OC, Caroline. She has dark purple hair, and deep blue eyes.


Here is my OC Scarlet



My Oc Tina. I accidentally made her eyes black they are supposed to be blue.
Hope you like it!




Don’t use the omtl on these kinds of topics.




Hi @RubyWolf1! I would appreciate it if you didn’t edit the first post saying this is weird, and just kept it to yourself. Also I need to think about your form. Have a nice day!


@PaperBagHat_meep and @photographer123 welcome to the club!


I don’t have any. Should I draw myself then




Mk thanks

Yea I do…




Activity Time!

Draw what you think your HF friend looks like, pick one friend.


@Explorer_ :art:
@Kitkat26 :art: :crayon:
@Lisa1045 :art: :crayon:
@girlcode :art: :crayon:
@laser_eyed_puppy :art: :crayon:
@Grizzlyzoe :art:
@Kitty4U :art:
@StarryDream :art:
@hyperactive_fox :art:
@SweeTeaStuffz :art:
@PaperBagHat_meep :art:
@photographer123 :art: