Explorer_'s Halloween Contest



Hi guys! I'm making my first HS Halloween Contest!

Must show me link when done, or else I and judges will not judge it.
Must not be started before October 1st, 2016.
Must be related to Halloween.

Prizes, 1st place
A follow from all the judges
A shoutout from all the judges
20 likes on your projects
A request from a judge of your choice
Maybe gets on featured

2nd place
A follow from 2 judges
A shoutout from 2 judges
15 likes on your projects
Maybe gets on featured

3rd place
A follow from one judge
A shoutout from one judge
10 likes on your projects
Maybe gets on featured

Contest ends November 1st, 2016

People entering:

Judges are: @Explorer_, @DMF and @PandaBlossom

Results will be posted on this topic.


I'll enter please!


I can use the thing I made today idk lol






Can I be a judge? :slight_smile:


Yes! One more judge needed!




I don't want to be a judge

I'm judging 2 contests


This is like my competition


I would be a judge
I'm judging my own contest!


Umm should I change it a little?


I will try to enter but I can't guarantee. I do not have hopscotch on my school iPad anymore.


We need one more judge!


I could be a judge you'd like me to!
I'm not as famous as the other judges, though.


It's ok!




You mean related? XP


Fixed that XD


Wanna join?