Explorer_'s game show!



Credit to everyone who did this before today

So it's basically like other game shows, you can join at any time. There will be points. Winner with the most points win.

If I ask, when did I start hopscotch? You answer, if it's your final answer, you type :relieved: At the end of your post.

Have fun!
@KoolM123 1pt
@ButterBark 1pt
@Snoopy 1pt
@BerryFOX 1pt
@DiamondHeartedDove 1pt




Before today :slight_smile:


I'll edit it


2 years ago... :slight_smile:

I think...


That was an example, but it was correct!


Oh okey yay!!! XD XD


Let's get started!
what project did I enter for the summer contest? that's kinda hard


Is anyone going to do it? @Sweetlina, @PerfectPanda24?


Thanks fir inviting me! This seems fun!


Did you figure out the answer


Still thinking. It's pretty hard you know


Would you like a hint?


Maybe, yeah! I need it!


Scroll in my profile for hopscotch and look which one is more into summer


I gtg now so bye!


Ok, here goes! Hoooo


Ok, I will check when I come back! Bye!


Me give up! Me too lazy! Tell I!


Ok it's called summer BG it's the link when you press my pro pic!


Here is an easy one
how long have I been hopscotchin'?