Explorer_'s AMA (ask me anything)



Hi everyone! I saw people doing AMA's so here is mine! So ask me anything!


Summons @tankt2016…!


Is youtube.com/user/jacyandkacy actually your YT channel?


Nope, it's a great channel!


Anymore questions? (Just wondering)



what are you working on on HS?

Do you like the update?

What's you like about the update?

What do you dislike about the update?

Am I annoying?

What is your favourite project?

How would you rate me in coding?

What is your favourite HSB colour?

What is your favourite colour on the HS colour thing?

What kinds of projects do you like?

  1. I don't really know what is HS
  2. Not really.
  3. I kinda like the update because now you can copy and paste.
  4. Now it's harder to code and I have to turn my iPad for everything.
  5. Right now a little. (No offense)
  6. If your asking what I created then it would be the summer backround. But in general I think everything.
  7. I don't know how you code.
  8. HSB (100,100,100) it's neon green.
  9. Don't know.
  10. Anything



And of course I'm annoying :joy: and I'm sorry for being so!



It's fine! I'm used to it. If u go to my school, you'd understand.


People annoy you…? :slight_frown:


At school, yes. 2 years in a row. :unamused:


Aah…unfortunate. You don't deserve that. Hope it's not too serious :frowning:


Nah, not serious. I hope their not in my class this year. :flushed:


Hope! I hope so too, they seem mean…



Any more questions????


Anymore questions? This is an AMA


Thanks for inviting me!
Do u like HSB(180,100,100)?
Whats ur fave food?
Do u watch youtube?
Do u have a school iPad?
Are u good at coding?


No problem!
1. Yes
2. I like all food
3. Yes
4. Yes
5. I don't know


HS is short for Hopscotch


Yes, that's how people call it on the forum