"Explore" channels are missing [fixed]


@Liza @awesomeonion

Update: Issue fixed by restarting the App

In iOS app version 3.29.1 (latest available from App Store), many of the “channels” are missing

Many channels, such as Remixes of My Projects, are missing:

P.S. Sadly the algorithm for Trending predominantly yields art pad remixes (not code changes, but just drawings). Yes, creating non-coded drawings is creative and fun for many Hops. But these “projects” (to use the term loosely) in no way encourage Hops to code, which unless I’m mistaken is the core mission of Hopscotch. Most of these projects have more hearts than plays. The first thing I’d change in the Trending algorithm is to filter out projects with a heart to play ratio > 1. Then I would consider making a channel just of trending original (i.e., not remixed) projects.


Hello! (I am not a moderator but…)
That problem can be caused by a lot of factors. My iPad is OK and it is running the same iOS version. Maybe is because your WiFi is very slow?


Hi Luna, thank you for wanting to help :smiley: I’ve restarted the app (I probably should have thought to do this before posting) and the issue corrected itself. I suspect something glitched in the app related to handling the data received or in sending the request to the server.


It often happens, specially if the WiFi does something strange. You’re welcome! :slight_smile:


Yeah I agree that many “weird” issues can be WiFi related. However… here’s something to consider (when troubleshooting any issue we need to carefully consider cause & effect). If the issue in this instance was WiFi related, would it have been corrected by restarting the app?


Try restarting the app, this is usually due to an internet issue at the
time you open Hopscotch.


Welp, @awesomeonion had the exact answer. XD


Thanks for the quick response. Restarting did the trick.


Looks like you were correct on the reason as well :smile:… I thought it was unlikely to be WiFi related… Live and learn :innocent:


The “P.S.” you added at the end is something that I do agree with.


Ive been thinking this for a while now and I fully agree that this is a fairly major problem. New accounts try to get popular via art and pity projects rather than actual impressive coding.


Specially art projects.
I am not saying that art in Hopscotch is bad, but, Hopscotch is for coding, and the projects who are involved in coding should be in Trending.

I think that they should have like an “Trending Art", or something like that? IDK


I had the same thing happen to me yesterday!

Maybe it is a problem with the Hopscotch app


They should make it so you Have to pic a catagory


Yeah! You got the idea
That would be awesome :slight_smile: