Explanation please!



Could you please tell me what we got in Hopscotch after we had the sounds update. My iPad's screen broke and I was not on Hopscotch. Now I am on it again and I want to know what's new. :grinning:


There was an update for a new format of hopscotch the way it looked when a project was branched looked different and the way you could play project looked different, I'm not sure if this update was before or after sounds but we could unpublished projects, there was update on a activity center which told you who liked your project, branched your project, and started following you. There was an update for log ins but had caused a lot of bugs so they fixed that, and we're now waiting for them again!


Got it! Thank you InnerSparkle. But I don't see anything about actual coding? :confused:


This is a blue block added called "Create a clone" and they are used to do exactly that, then you can make the clone do whatever you want, in game.
Logins Were Temporary Added
But due to bugs, was then removed.
Activity Center
Allows you to see who liked your projects and who follows you!
You could now see how many people played your projects.

These are the big ones but if you want to see more go to this link!


OK. But I can't access the link for some reason. By the way, I just want to know anything that will change my coding. (I do nPad)


Oh yeah sorry they had some new blocks such as create a clone, check if else, bring to front, set to back, and new values such as last touch x and last touch y which make it able for you to scroll, and make drawings! I'm pretty sure that's it!


If you go to the App Store, then to hopscotch and click version history, you can see what a all was added in each version.


@NDSDNS maybe you can't access the App Store if you are on computer or you're in a different country? I'm not sure.

I'm guessing you were here during the sounds update which had last touch and Check If/Else too.

Here's the major stuff that's been new since then:

So since you're wondering more about code, the only new block is the Create a Clone block. It comes with a new When as well, which is called When the character is cloned, make the clone.... and it only appears once you have used a Clone block somewhere in your code.

Here's a photo showing them both:

And there's a great post here about clones so you can find more about how they work.



There are also more sounds which the Hopscotch Team added:

Non-code related

The Hopscotch Team changed project card design as well:

And they added Activity Centre, where you can see "A Hopscotch started following you" plus "A Hopscotcher liked your project" plus "A Hopscotch remixed your project" plus messages from the Hopscotch Team about new videos and announcements :smiley:

Here are some examples:


Yes, I was here for the sounds update, but my iPad broke that night. :cold_sweat: I am in the USA and have a Windows 10 computer.


@NDSDNS Oh okay I see, maybe the link to the App Store didn't work then because you're on a Windows computer? I'm not sure but that might be the problem.

And in case you didn't get to see yet, here are some other features that were part of the sound update:

You can also unpublish your projects too :smiley:

I hope those photos gave you a little sneak peek at least :smiley: sorry about your iPad :confused: but hope it gets fixed soon!


Actually it is fixed but at another house and I have not played with it too much.