Explain the User Game




Yay koala u on
Ugh finally someone is on


Guess who


This is so hard you will squint at it for hours and don’t guess it!
:koala: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wait wait, no, I got it.
Koala Krazy. Meee


Yay on your 3rd strike you got a home run!!!
You have solved the impossible quiz


Yay koala likes
Me fav
Oh a cute koala!!!
A rare white koala that I found on interweb and on a article
I read it


Home run!
Koala Krazy slips on one of the bases and scrapes his head.


,!!jdjjdjd!!C,dkxjdjd!jdjwjjdjdjejd!!! ,!,dkdjdjdmejekjdfnhjdjyeeet


Uh oh
911 what’s your emergency
Oh a koala scraped his head
911 oh no we have to get the broken screen for koalas to fix his head
911 wait he’s a person
Um ok
911 then we don’t need this
911 false alarm everyone






I astually scraped the part between my index finger and my thumb.




Have U read article yettttt


No but I saw a video of it


When I was in school we were working on journalism and had to look up a article and I chose that one


Ok I read the article
There’s a person in the article that has the exact same first and last name as a girl in one of my classes lol XD what a coincidence




Ugh I gotta go