Explain the User Game



To play
Pick a user that has 2 parts and both can be a emoji!
Then ask any hopscotcher to guess what that hopscotcher is!
For example: who is :blush::snowflake: and someone could guess @SmilingSnowflakes and they would be right!

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Ok... Um... :sweat_drops::fish:


Awesome! Who's this?
:chocolate_bar: :wolf:


This is a cool topic!
Who is this:


Well chocolatefox of course


Who's this? :D


Great idea, @Paige1212!


Okay who's this?


@Rawrbear , i think?


@Rawrbear! :D

Great guess!


Here's one


@BerryFOX !!!


Lollypopcorn is magical


Correct! You win a...a berry


Who's this?

:moneybag: :video_game: :office:

This one's hard!


@BerryFOX and @KittyShip
Your both correct!


Me! XD


i like berries :VVV


Me! Of course


So do I :U

So yamy...


Correct! Here's a chocolate bar :chocolate_bar: