ExpertAlien AMA


Anyone want me to do a ask me anything? I just signed up to the forums even though I've been on hopscotch for almost a year :neutral_face:. Just ask me anything!


Have a GF or a BF or a crush, of so do she/he/them play hopscotch and what are their usernames...


Would you rather.......
Be trapped in Chillanna and have to do whatever someone puts as a rule or else you will be stuffed in a running shower of cold ketchup.

Have to be the person who makes sure Hopscotch Characters do what they are told to do in rules, but they fight you so they don't have to do it, and you must be the person to right down EVERY. SINGLE. RULE. And you work for MagmaPOP.


Stampyfans NOOOOOOOO what is that question?!?
Hoppertoscotch I'd pick 2 I wanna see beat up characters DLC.