Experiencing Coding Block


I joined HS yesterday, and I still haven't posted a project!! I'm stumped on what to do. What to make, rather. Any ideas? I've seen some awesome projects on the feature tab. Maybe I can make pixel art like all the cool coders!! :smiley: or I could make a drawing canvas!!! Or a cool game!!! Or coded drawing art!!! I have so many ideas, but what to pick? I'm stumped! Could you guys help me pick?


I would prefer you start off with one of the videos and trying to slowly understand what each block does.


There's a lot of videos you can watch! :D You could also try one of the levels, if you're new! The Hopscotch Team (THT) has a YouTube channel with a lot of videos, but you might get a little confused because the editor they use is a little different than ours, but the blocks are still the same! Tag me at @Snoopy if you ever need any help!


Okay imma 5/10 coder but i know the basics! Need help? Just @ me!


Try doing the videos and levels. Amd the skills. (Is that even grammar?) They teach you about the blocks and stuff. Also, try figuring out values. If you need help, let me know. (I do not know tangent or inverse anything, and my knowledge of sine and cosine is very low, and addition is tricky. (Not)) Values and the math stuff will be very very useful.


Speaking of videos, THT posted a project saying that there is a new video, but I didn't see any. Does it show up for you?


I JUST checked that! There is. I'm to lazy for screenshot so


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IN doing a trail art of it now. I started when I checked to see if there is a new vid. I'll watch it later.


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Well what do you like? I would recommend you creating a project telling everyone about yourself, that way you can make friends faster.
If you like art, draw something. If you like books, code something related to books, etc. I recommend you get a feel for coding and play lots of games before diving in, but that's just my opinion :wink:
Also, be sure to check out the tutorials, featured projects, and skills :blush:
Hope this helped! You can @ me anytime if you need anything.


Want to do pixel art?


That would be nice yeah.


Here are a bunch of ideas. Cant wait to see what you come up with! :slight_smile:


Press the power and home buttons to take a screenshot :wink:


I know how I was to lazy to.


Isn't it easier to take a screenshot? xD


I was on a different device with a different Apple ID.


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