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Hi! Here’s where to find me to talk with, communicate, ask questions etc. I’m @ExistenceExistsToday


Jst to clear this up, my fat long motto (“Alicubi in Oceanum sit ignotus etc.”) means “Somewhere in the ocean there is an unknown, and I will be the one to find it.” In Latin.


Can you give me a link to one of your projects so I can follow you @ExistenceExistsToday


NaturalArt Forum Registration! [13 SPOTS LEFT]

Ja. Anyone on? I’m bored (hopscotchin’ as usual)


I’m working on a project of a soundtrack of the Sparta Remix. Any suggestions?
Also, why is the “play for” sound feature in Hopscotch not consistent? I said there should be 150 milliseconds between each note and it’s DEFINITELY not staying the same each time.
-best wishes from Sparta


ay, dude, if you’re really in Sparta I need to see your battle scars

or did you not take history