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I'm making a project and I need som excuses for it, at the end I am making something that involves that! Edit your excuses in! Also so you want do be tagged when this project comes out?

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Um, I'm late for school because I accidentally flushed myself down the toilet and had to go find Nemo and ride the Australian current back home and dry myself with a piece of tissue paper? - Snoopy

A crocodile with mlg sunglasses and a unicorn horn ate my homework, then he started crashing into my dresser, which caused an earthquake, and the power went out, so I couldn't use the computer to do my homework there! ~SenseiCoder

I was doing the dishes then a potao came and said "I eat chakins and rainbows" and then the poatao ate himself and I was standing there in shock

I was going to finish, but I ate a potato during the test time. Then my cat wanted it when I went to the bathroom. I dunno why my cat was there. So I got it another potato. Then I got a pet fish. It was in the sink. Then I had to run in a race. A bathroom race. Where you run through a... bathroom stall? Yeah, that's it. Then in the race, I lost to a... pencil? Yeah, a pencil that threw me into the sky. By the time all that happened, the test was due... That's also why I was in the bathroom so long. -TFS

Sometime, someone somewhere did something to something on my Something Pro Ccmputer so something doesn't work. -A Happy Coder

~Gabe_N Chankinstien came and ate my homework when I finished it so I went to my laptop and it turned into peppy pig who had a potato who was my mom and she ate my potato mom so I was like ............:flushed::tired_face::weary::scream::sob::sleeping::poop::poop::poop::poop::money_mouth::rolling_eyes::dizzy_face::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: and then I flushed myself down a toilet and fell into toxic poop and died the end ;-;

I was going to do my homework, but I spilled my water all over it!

I was late because I had to go on a detour since the ground was messy and I didn't want my shoes to get dirty. Also I had to avoid getting my shoes dirty in general (this is a Diary of a Wimpy Kid reference if you get it)

I'm late, because a random blob thingy stole my shoe, and I spent 3 hours chasing it around town. While I was chasing the blob thingy, the shoelace of my other shoe got stuck on a mailbox. Then, I had to wait 2 hours for someone to help me, and then I kept running after the blob who stole my shoe. Then, I fell into a lake. I went home, put on new clothes, and then I randomly found the blob in my house. I got the shoe, cleaned it from the bloby stuff, then walked to work, because my car ran out of gas yesterday.
- PerfectPanda24- sorry, it's long XD, I made this up XD

I am late because I forgot that it was a monday, so I slept in, and mom woke me up. But then I lost my homework from friday, so I spent half an hour running around the house searching for my homework, only to discover that the dog ate in then barfed it up in my teacher's classroom saying "Joe's homework assignment". No one told me, so I just told the teacher that the dog ate my homework, and the teacher showed me my homework. It was 7:00 at night by then.
- MiacleShoutouts

A thing came in and then ate a thing and another thing came in and they both turned into thing and things were in my thing and eating things and thinging things and I turned in a unicorn.
- Rainboom

The world exploded and you just didn't notice.
- Rainboom


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Can't wait for whatever this something is. When it comes out I will play it on my iSomething and see what my something thinks of it. :wink:


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