Excell Quadron 1


Hey guys this is a game called Excell Quadron 1 here the trailer name Excell Quadron 1


Hey here's some sneak peeks releases 3/3/16 change of date due to stuff


Looks good! Are you new to the forum?


Hey want more sneak peaks well here's the finished demo almost if you enjoyed last like this project and when demo comes out I won't use links cause they glitch out but I will tell you then you should like and share also Search : LostCreatorand follow that's my hopscotch


Nope been here 2 weeks gotten good a hopscotch but not with 3d


Oh, sry I thought you were new.


It's fine a lot of people sa that


Thanks for the likes @bluedogmc-official


My Hopscotch is LostCreator


Why dont you have a profile picture or background picture or bio?


I just don't want to I will now though


Looks Great!
What is the storyline?


You were sent to visit Pluto but crashed and more


Wow 10 likes that's my most