Example to make a full screen animated level with Piskelapp


I made this simple volcano gif with Piskelapp.
Imagine if this was increased in size to almost take up the ipads screen and placed higher up so there's a space below the volcano sprite.
A game where a character has to run left and right to dodge the falling rocks could be made.
Code to control the movement of the rocks wouldn't be needed as you can draw the movements in each frame.
And random groups of frames could be selected to show different rocks falling
@Caramel_Puffin will give a tutorial on how to do this.

Full screen levels for 2d platformers can be drawn and animated as well as an animated road for a racing/running game.
There's limitless possibilities.
@AHappyCoder @Gilbert189 @MobCraft @GoatLord


Looks cool! :slight_smile:


This is an awesome game idea! I may try this.