Evil Twins topic!



Here we can discuss what our evil twin would be called, then code and draw stuff about it on Hopscotch!
E.G. BAS and DAS, JaggedJeans and StraightTrousers.

BEFORE YOU FLAG: this is HS related because we code stuff about our evil twins!

Mine would be GoatLord and SheepServant.

Meet straighttrousers, the most evil trousers ever

That speedy like though @tankt2016


I saw the topic come up. XD


What would mine be? Any ideas??
EDIT: Spedy Spedy Like You Got, @GoatLord


I am an evil twin. I am @Bubbles4Ever929's evil twin C:<


Idk lol


Mine would be greencatcm! :green_heart::joy:


@GoatLord what about for my HS account? (It's Gamergirlofgamers)


I am way more amazing than Bubbles.

And I make way better projects

And give way better advice

And make way better stories

And draw way better drawings

Why was this flagged lol I am Bubbles XD


@bluedogmc-official I think it would be one of these:



Idk lol my instant thought of opposite for game is sport



Looks like my evil twin strikes again...


X(D I thought he/she was being off-topic


Yes redcatcm-unofficial is it


@bluedogmc-official now you must code it X(D I wish I could code my evil twin but my ipad it out :disappointed:


@Air5Never292 here is a profile pic!

It's @Bubbles4Ever929's inverted!


Mine would be like DestroyedByaPro


Obviously put "it" instead of "is" there on purpose to sound like a cool kid lol


I don't really know what mine would be....
I don't really know the opposites of giraffes and dolphins... XD


Well giraffes are ungulates so anything that isnt an ungulate
So lizardshark(because dolphins are mammals but sharks are fish)62