Evil staff (my 2nd story!)

A Inside dosent get much views or likes anymore so I decided to make a new one! This is about the evil staff.
(No offense to the staff, this is not real!)

Chapter 1

I woke up and quickly went on my iPad to see the new projects. I saw that tht had posted a new one titled, "taking over". Probably a story, I thought to myself as I looked on @Steelhooves's account. He had made a project saying he was on vaca and he wouldn't be able to use HS for a week. Suddenly, Tht unpublished his project. "Why would they do that?"I thought, "He just wanted to get the news out there." I decided to go on the forums to investigate.

Chapter 2

I went on the forum and Liza had made a new topic that they were "taking over". "This is weird" I thought as I made a topic about taking over and why they unpublished the project. A lot of people replied but then rodrigo closed the topic with this message, "we unpublished it for a test if the new update would support it." "Yea right" I thought as i looked down. "We are taking over though." I quickly went onto MobCrafts topic portal and told him to link my closed one. He was confused, but he was okay with it. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11:30. "Woah!" I said, jumping up from my bed. "I will be late for McDonald's!" It was summer, and me and my friends rode our bikes to McDonald's to get lunch at 12:00. It was 30 minutes by bike, and it was already 11:35 when I said goodbye to my mom and went down our street. "I got to tell this to everyone!" I thought as I turned left.

Chapter 3

As I got to mcdonalds, Dylan said, "Dude! Where were you?" "I was late because of some weird stuff on the forums." I said. "You don't have to be all @Dylan329 on me, you know." "Great joke, matt(not my real name)" Dylan said with a grin. "Was the weird stuff about the staff taking over?" At that moment, @Snoopy (AKA Jane) pulled up."Did you guys see the-" "Yes!" Dylan and I said. "I replied on your topic, Matt," she said, pointing at me. "With my own theory." "What was it again?" I said, laughing." "This!" She said, "Mabye you are right, maybe the staff is evil, but with my evidence, this proves that this is all a joke. Reason #1: @anon69692094 made a topic about this that as of right now, is still going strong, called, "Evil staff and what their doing". Rodrigo commented saying, that was part of an April fools joke. As of right now it is summer, and that topic hasn't been commented on since May. Reason #2: If you read more in the "taking over" project, it will say, "WKLV LV D MRNH" which in the ceaser cipher, means, "This is a joke". Reason #3: The topic you saw the "taking over" thing in was made on MARCH 30! That's 2 days before April 1st. Now you know that this was meant to all be a joke."
Dylan said, "Woah. That's deep." "I get that know, thanks." I said, getting my wallet out and starting to walk to the entrance. "Now let's go inside before my tummy gets mad!" "Yeah!" Dylan and Jane said.

New chapters! - 12/11/16

Chapter 4

After they finished, I went with Jane to the park, which had its own wifi. "Should we go on the forums?" I asked. "Probably." I saw my notifications and I only had 5. "I got 4 spamlikes from @Kvj and a pm from Liza!" "Don't yell about how many likes you have." Jane said, posting about "crazy theories everyone is posting". I shrugged. I looked at the pm from Liza. It was called "why your topic was closed". "Jane, look!" "What?" "I got a weird pm about why my topic was closed!" Jane shrugged. "Read it to me," She said to me, boredly."Dear @strongerthanyou, your topic, "Mean staff and what there doing" was closed because, "the people are not allowed to know about our evil doings". Please do not make another topic or posting about this again. Thank you, Liza". " "ok we have to make a project about this. "Definitely"

Chapter 5

"Should we do it on our collab account?" "Nah,let's do it individually." "Ok." While making the project, I got a email saying that @PopTart0219 was saying mean things to the staff on my take 2 topic(made before chapter 4). So was @anon14801539. "Wow." I said to Jane, "the ex-mods are helping us out!" "Awesome!" We soon published our projects, and I went on find my friends to see where Dylan was. Saying bye to Jane, I went toward his house. "It's 2:30?"
I thought, looking at my watch, "I gotta be at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center at 4:00 for hopcon day 1!"

Chapter 6

I raced to Dylan's house on my bike. At 3:00 I got there. Going inside the house, I shouted, "Welcome to strongers world of nothing" "Beep bodud bobooo," he shouted from his room. "Was the projects you and Jane made about "the evil staff"?" "Yeah, but it's real! Look!" He looked at the email and finally said, "Deeeeep." He said, his voice trailing off, "Aren't you at hopcon today?" "Yep" "Stay away from the staff and question many people there."
"Got it." "One more thing..." "Yea?" "Try to find poptart and smiling and ask them why the ex-mods are against the staff." "Alright, I got it." "Biiiii" "BAI!"

New chapters! - 1/3/17

Chapter 7

"And what is your name and hopscotch username?" I was asked, walking into the building. "Matt and strongerthanyou." "Ok, you are in group 9, with Poptart and smilingsnowflakes, aka, Gracie and Lilly. "Wow," I thought, "Mabye what I thought really is coming true." Walking into the door, I suddenly felt air tingling on my body. A banner said, "the lounge". I suddenly felt being whisked away as I was pulled into somewhere, but I was injected with something and I fell asleep. What is going to happen to me?

Chapter 8

I woke up and looked around. Everything was 2D, including me! There were doors saying "Drawing on paper compared to iPad 5" and "Pixs general topic 3". "Am I in the forums?" I asked to myself as I walked into DOPCTIP5. Art. Was. Everywhere. "Ok, I a-" "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" I heard as I saw a stick man walking through the portals. "Who is STY?" He asked me. "Strongerthanyou." A voice said. I then looked up at the screen. All of our words were being said on the topic! I did not want to say anything! "Wahoooooo!" I shouted, going through the portal again. "I know how to get out of here. Go back through the portal I came in."

Chapter 9

I came out of the portal and looked around. I saw poptart and smiling sitting down. "Hi.", they both said, in unison. "I'm pretty sure you know us, or you wouldn't have come here in the first place," Poptart said with a sigh. "Yep. Hi guys. I'm Matt and I know Poptart is Gracie and smiling is Lilly. "Nope." Poptart said. "I am Lilly, and smiling is Gracie." "Oops." Suddenly, a voice spoke through a loudspeaker. "May groups 7,8, and 9 come to the update exhibit please." "Let's go..." said Gracie, her voice trailing off. Walking to the exhibit, I saw people I recognized, like @lollypopcorn, @FreshGuppy, @HappyDolphin, and (OF COURSE!) @KVJ. When we got there, I saw Liza walking into a room saying, "HOSTS ONLY". After 5 minutes of playing around with change scene and when something repeats forever blocks, I asked them, "Why are the ex-mods against staff?" They both were shocked by my question. "Well... umm..." Lilly said, trembling. "The mods took our privileges away. Now we will take theirs." Gracie said. "MAY ALL GROUPS PLEASE EXIT THE BUILDING IN FIVE MINUTES PLEASE, HOPCON IS NOW OVER. THANK YOU FOR SPENDING YOUR TIME WITH US. "Well.. bye." I say to Gracie and Lilly as I walk out the door. "Bye!" They say. "Im gonna go home now." I thought. I look at my watch.
6:00? "I better hurry!"

What will happen tommorow? Find out next week!


Lol at first i thought that the story was real, i was like wait what... i dont even know you. xD Cool story.


By the way,you ordered a Sirloin Third Pounder and we all shared it cause you couldn't eat it yourself. XD

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I completely forgot I said that XD
Noice story

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i think they are taking you for a guy

@strongerthanyou snoopy is female,,


Nice story :+1:

Lol, thanks. I am a girl. :D


It will be edited to say Jane. Thank you for the comment.

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Lol... only for a cameo... in neither next few chapters you will be a full reappearing character. Wait... now I gotta make a hsf schedule...

Why am I in the update exhibit XD

Great story :+1:

Can I be in the story to?

Ewww why would you eat mcdonalds

Put people like friendship2468 and yellowmellow ella_13 percyjackson9 people who get in trouble and get suspended a lot in some kind of THT torture jail. Make us kind of rude and you rescue us