Everything you need to know about formatting topics!

So, you need to create a topic. But you don’t know how to format your OP!

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Big Text

Big text can help you talk about a specific piece of an OP.

To make the text big, type <big> before the text, and </big> after the text, like this:

<big> Big Text </big>


You can add lines to seperate parts of your OP, they work well with big text.

To make a line, type three underscores on a new line.

Bold text

Mixing bold text and big text can be useful when formatting. You can also just use bold text to mark smaller sections of a section.

To make bold text, type ** in front and behind the text.

I hope this helped you!




i really don’t understand, is this for formatting topics, or posts?

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Do you not see the word, “OP” everywhere?

And also I changed the topic name to say topics

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lol but the intention is for op’s

Look at that topic.

I say we clive this topic and throw it in the trash!

I disagree your honour!

But that just gives you websites

Ahh, scroll down and you’ll see

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I am


tExT wow cool
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<kbd> is awesome </kbd>

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Can we just tag the leaders and get this over with already -_-

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This is totally a link and something will TOTALLY happen if you click me

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nah thats a lie

No lol this is still useful, nobody’s going to search up formatting, they’ll just ask someone and then you tell them about this topic.

no, its the truth!

This looks like a super helpful topic! However, I think there are quite a few similar topics from a while ago?

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Yes there are alot of those

This topic is unoriginal


click me
(<a href="url">text</a> also gives the same result)

thanks for brick-rolling me


Can’t fool me haha

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