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Anybody want to collab? I need someone that can make some decent 3D models and animation. I would love if some people could help I need the 3D models for my games on unity.


I’d like to help by making 3D models for your Unity game.
Can you please reply back with a list of 3D files that Unity supports.
Here is a list of 3D files,


I think all of those if I am correct :sweat_smile:


@Stradyvarious AWESOME!!! I am so happy now!


A useful website is 3D Slash


This is my first original render using Blender, what you do you think?

The dots on the dice are octagonal because I set the number of vertices low, thinking that in the 3D view it would look sharp, but in the actual render it would be round. Turns out I was wrong XD


@MR.GAM3R Cool dice! Try beveling the corners a little…