Everything 3D. Blender, Maya, 3D Max, Paint 3D and Hopscotch!




Hey guys!

I love to 3D model and animate using Blender, and I so I decided I would make a 3D animation topic!

On this Topic you can:

  • Post your 3D artwork.
  • Participate in The Monthly 3D Challenge.
  • Ask questions about 3D modeling and animation.
  • Join people in 3D collabs and events.

The Monthly 3D Challenge!

Last months winner:
We will have a winner soon! You will see… You will see…

Category: Furniture/appliance
Ideas of what you could make: Glass table with modern chairs and flowers, Refrigerator with pictures of 3D software and Hopscotch, Desk with computer and unfinished homework, A modern bed with a pizza and potato blanket, Old bench in the park with a pile of dust all over it, Very very tall and cushioned couch that is being brought out to the dumpster, A running microwave full of toys and electronics, A moldy dishwasher with notes like: DISHES NO MORE or ME WISHES FOR NO DISHES!!!, Desk chair with food piled on it, or whatever you imagine!

How to join The Monthly 3D Challenge:
Step 1: Make a 3D design about the category chosen by the winner.
Step 2: Render your 3D design
Step 3: Post in this topic with the tag #TM3DC
Step 4: @mention Whoever’s 3D art you like best with the tag #votefor3dartist (It may not be yourself)

Rules: 1. Be nice, 2. 3D art must be appropriate, 3. 3D art must be about the category 4. HAVE FUN!!!

3D collabs:

Just ask me to put a link to your 3D collab and I will do it!

3D artwork:

Just ask me to put your 3D artwork here:

3D tutorials

Ask me to put on your 3D tutorials or courses


Stack Exchange Q&A site proposal: Hopscotch

The are a bunch of things to do here!... Defeating Creativity's enemy!

Heh heh I can’t 3D thanks this is a good topic


@SummarianStudios I gave you some awesome tutorials to help you get started!


Ok, so does anyone have 3D art to share with everyone besides me?


Here’s one by @LegendOfFriday:


@sophia71205 Awesome! I forgot to add in this topic about the HS 3D competition


I have made a few 3D projects on Hopscotch, here are some links:


@William04GamerA Sounds like you are really interested in 3D art. I think that you would like this 3D software called Blender. It is a super awesome software where you can make 3D models happily for the rest of your life!


Yeah, I like creating 3D art. Blender is cool, and I’ve tried it before. Microsoft have released their drawing software called Paint in a new version (“Paint 3D”), and it seems cool. I will try it, I haven’t done it yet.


@William04GamerA I am forming a Blender 3D collab, if you are interested…


I am that, but I am not sure if I can join right now. School starts tomorrow, and I need to see that I can have time left for using Blender. But it sounds really cool!


@William04GamerA Ok, oh, and also, we are able to work our time towards your School’s schedule if you are interested. We would only be trading drafts. I am working on getting the collab up and running… If you change your mind, please notify me…


Okay everyone, lets get started! Share your 3D artwork!


Awesome topic! ( ^∀^)


@WynterDiamond Thanks. Please watch the tutorials and join the monthly challenge!


I am interested to join, really! I just have to see how my schedule in school are going to be, I will get it later this week. I could definitely join, but I can’t guarantee that I will be able to do all the challenges and collabs.


@William04GamerA Ok, I understand, I will probably be very busy when school starts for me too…


Yeah :wink:
My school did start today, but I can´t really decide whether to join or not because we have not got our schedule in school yet. It will be out on Monday.


There is a new collab getting fired up!


I’ve started using "Paint 3D"
This is a gif of a GOOMBA i made


And this is a restaurant dining area i’m working on.