Everyone with your @name in this post please read



@Liza, @Ian, @alish, @asha, boy I have some questions for you to make a project!

The first question is,

What Made It All Happen?

What inspired this amazing group by the name of "The Hopscotch Team" make this all happen? What lead to me writing this down? What started, it all?
To make it a bit more understandable, what inspired The Hopscotch Team to create hopscotch and start all of this?

Next question,

What Got Each Of You Part Of This Heaven?

As far as I know, you are part of The Hopscotch Team. If you are not, answer this. What made you such an important part of the forum? If you are part of The Hopscotch Team, what made you decide to join The Hopscotch Team? Or were you in The Hopscotch Team at the very beginning?

Another question is,

If You Had To Pick A Hopscotch Character To Be, Who Would It Be?

You need to pick a hopscotch character that you would want to be the most. If you are not part of The Hopscotch Team, tell me that, but still pick a charecter.

Last but not least,

What Inspired What I Am Using To Ask This Question Right Now?

What inspired the forum? About when in the Hopscotch TimeLine was it officially something in The Hopscotch Family Tree?



I've been to Hopscotch HQ and I'll try my best to answer some of the questions.

Question #1. The app was originally made for girls because they thought more girls should learn to code! Then it was made for everyone. Jocelyn and Sam were the founders of Hopscotch.

Question #2 check out this link About the Hopscotch Team

Question #3 I don't have an answer

Question #4 the Hopscotch Team created the forum to see what they could improve on the App, have hopscotchers help others, and give tips.

Hope this helped!


@Kiwicute2015 thank you but I feel like I can get the best answers if they answer them. But I may use the link to help with the TimeLine of them all joining. Thank you.


You're welcome! The hopscotch team is most likely not to answer due to the many things they have to do. :sweat:


@Kiwicute2015 :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::sweat::sweat::sweat::sweat: