Everyone just thinks i'm a spammer


its true. my first reply it got banned! now nobody likes me :weary:


Actually, your first 12 posts got flagged.


i'm worse than i thought :disappointed:


Sorry, i feel bad! :sweat:


it's not your fault :relieved:


Can you help me?
This needed to be 20 letters


Don't post ANYTHING off topic. Anything off topic is just unnecessary and seems spammy. A good way to know if the post is off topic, is to check the title of the topic, if the post answers or infers the topic, you should be fine. But of course some topics you can make are probably spammy too, like, asking people to like your projects, or shoutouting other hopscotchers.


So sorry to hear that :<. There could be reasons though like if someone accidentally pressed the flagged button, or was trying to mess with you (really rude people), but maybe they spam because they don't like your topics, or replies because your topics and replies aren't really off topic so that's most likely not an option. I'm so sorry.


Don't worry @Tastycupcake you are a great contributor to the forum as long as you're following the Community Guidelines! Click here to have a read if you haven't done so yet.


thanks! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


thanks@InnerSparkle for the advice