Everyone Help please

Everyone one please help there is a user named @Jackaboy who has been leving vary rude and sexual cements. Please help ban him this should not be allowed on the forum.


he wants to close topics just ignore him and he will get board

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Just report him to the team and they will suspend him.

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Ok so the word Jèrk isn't allowed but you didn't even have to evade that

@MiNi please delete your comment I know what you are saying but I don't want you to get banned for using that word

I know please Take it off or quote it

Dies x-x first notice of this launguage in forums ever :0

I dont care

O hi honestly I don't care at all what you say.

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You can stop now. These people did nothing to you.

Guys, stop making topiks about this! You're making it worse. Anyway, he should be suspended.

I really want to

ehh nvm

Omg guys y'all need to revive me I'm about to die from this profanity

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Just report him! Send and email there done.


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