Everyday hopscotch art challenge



hi guys! Everyday, i will have a art challenge, (except sundays) on hopscotch, or paper. Any one can join. Here is todays challenge. Draw yourself as a super hero. And draw your side kick (if you have one.) too. Your side kick can be a friend, a made up person, your crush, or anybody you want. Have fun drawing!


okay, so first you go to hopscotch, and draw your pic. Next you take a screen shot. (to do that press the home button and the off button a the SAME time) then finally, go to the forum, press one of the buttons that are there when you write a message, (it looks like a thick line with an arrow pointing up on it) and press upload picture, select the pic, and tada! Here are a couple pics.


Yes you can.


Here is mine. I know it's bad.

Used by purple pad by Gobli(that's me)