Every one put there q&a's here



Q&as are junking up the forum so can everyone put there's here like for me ask me questions!


I've already made a Q&A, but thanks! :smile:


No problem! Your also more then welcome to ask questions for me


What's your name @Huggingfluffybear?
Sorry if creepy...


So I just kinda came up with it like when I got on hopscotch when I had to choose my name I was like hmmm and 5 seconds later I came up with huggingfluffybear! I don't know why cause I chose my avatar of bear mabbey!


And it's not creepy!


Whats your real life (first) name?


That's what I meant...


Just what I thought you meant........


OH okay @Stampys_fans and you my name is Quinn!


Omg to many q and a's look!


I'm in almost everyone of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




@Stampys_fans can u help me test for a forum/account glitch by replying to this comment


What da difference?, oh, I get it now!


Thanks. @Stampys_fans It's working properly now. I thought someone in a higher rank was messing around with my account.
I'm still checking some settings on my account.


I don't think it's very nice to say certain things are junking up the forum.


oh okay! I just think there is a lot!