Every one follow each other!



I think if we follow each other, everyone is happy! If you do follow me:



Hmm I think following is for showing something special that that they like your project not just follow them to follow them!:wink:


What is you hs name @Huggingfluffybear?


Huggingfluffybear and Huggingfluffybear 2

Mostly Huggingfluffybear 2!


That's a sweet idea, but most people only follow people who's art/code they like. Maybe if you remix less, others will follow you! I love you're projects, btw.


Thnx! What is your hs name?


RubyStars. I just liked some of your projects.


I agree with @RubyStars, people only follow people who they want to follow. And this seems like a form of begging for follows, try reading the Community Guidelines again. :wink:


Oh hey @tankt2016 I follow you right?


Yep, we follow each other.


Btw your amazing at coding!!