Ever wonder what the WoreBlackInstead tag was?



I have a coding competition! Ok so I want anyone willing to do this competition to read what’s inside “the BOX”

the BOX

CODE ANYTHING that you would think of that has something to do with the #woreblackinstead tag. You don’t need to know anything about the tag, you just have to be creative with it. Like you could do a black background with dark grey stripes and polka dots or something. Or you could do a game where you have to run from darkness or something. IN OTHER WORDS just make something that has something to do with the color black!

If you don’t care. Why’d u come? Anyways tagging @OMTL cause I am giving magical prizes. Depending on if I get like 10 people.

1st place- 3 art requests, a whole bucket load of likes, a few shoutouts and a some HS likes
2nd place- 2 art requests, a 3/4 full bucket load of likes, one shoutout and a few HS likes
3rd place- 2 art requests, half bucket of likes, a couple HS likes
4th place- 1 art request, a buncho likes, a HS like
5th place- 1 art request, a bunch of likes
6th place- 1 art request, quite a few likes
7th place- a logo request, some likes
8th place- a logo request, a few likes
9th place- a logo request, a couple likes
10th place- a request, a likes

People who would like to compete!

R in here

jk they actually in post #4

Oh by the way, project is due March 21st.
Judging will be finished hopefully before April.


I know it says that we don’t need to know what the hashtag means but I kind of want to know out of curiosity


I’ll do it.

I have a good idea.

Hint: it has to do with twenty øne piløts


I thought that had to do with hit- ah nvm.


Guys you’re all late D:

So edit if you want in…
This will close Feb. 17th so preferably enter before then.



ILL do it


I can just do a boring black background with nothing on it
And it still counts?
Lmao jk
Can I think about it
When does sign up close?


Also you cannot draw a picture for this right


Yeah no drawing picture, unless you make the drawing thing you use.

Sign up closes February 17th. I’m giving people a chance to think it over.


@Xman0417 I’m listening to twenty one pilots right now!


Ah nice!

Which song?


Can we get back on topic? (Sry I just don’t really like it when people suddenly change the topic to some random thing, but twenty one pilots has goods musics)


Ah okay, sorry lol…



Probably will be judged on Monday… (my judging crew (consisting of Dragonboy175 TheReyloShipper and RougeWolf) is off on weekend, but I did email them. So they might judge sooner!)


I will do it… it sounds fun!


K so
I can draw a picture
If I make the drawing pad myself


Yes. That’s exactly what I was trying to say. Thank you. So you want to join?


Sure I’m in
I edited myself
May you show us what you will judge it on? (Enjoyment, design, etc.)


Too literally the 6ish people who decided to do this…
You will be judged on…
Flow, does it go smoothly or is it really rough and not smooth.
Design, can one understand how to use it or is it really complicated that no one can do it.
Promptiness, does it follow the prompt?
Creativity, does it creatively show creativeness?