“Events” collab?


Ok. I will.


I can’t edit myself in! Can you make it a wiki again?


I will edit u in. Wikis have been removed. @FearlessPhoenix Can u explain? I’m to tired…


Some of you may know, that the famous Notre Dame church caught fire yesterday. Does someone want to code this? First person to reply will. Thanks! Ask me, Hopscotcher, Silverdolphin, or lasereyedpuppy for code help. Thanks! Please ask me so I can check it before publishing…

@Hopscotcher (as an advisor and/or feedback giver only unless I want to do something else)
@GameCodingCrazy123 for code help
@Silverdolphin (beta tester/ feedback person!)
@TheDeliciousOrange (occasionally, I have a lot of projects in the making…)
@laser_eyed_puppy (beta tester and coder)


The 12 disciples statues, the crucifix, and 2/3 stained glasses + more artifacts survived


Ok. Would u like to make the project?


I don’t know, it is history but still tragedy… and some kids may Google the event and find terrifying pictures.


I agree. We should not do this


Ok. Maybe just a pic of notre dame then?


and it’s really sad how so many years of history have just gone…


Ok. We won’t do this. Thanks everyone!


It’s okay.


No. We should only do happy events. Like the James Webb Telescope


Ok. Thanks for the feedback people!


Tbh, I think it’s a great idea. You have to spread awareness about this type of stuff. Ok, some kid might google it and pee their pants because they’re that scared. Bruh, it’s fire. The stove, runs by fire. Candles on a birthday cake, fire. Fire is something all around. It would be the kids fault anyways, they decided to google it anyways. I mean, it’s a bunch of history just lost to a flame. I’m kinda sad to see that this won’t happen (but it won’t stop me from making my own)


Let’s have a private poll:

  • Yes
  • Maybe
  • No

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Hi! I’d like to join! What is needed to join?


No thanks, but yes, I know that the spire of Notre Dame in Paris caught fire yesterday and burned down. It was a tragedy, but thankfully, they are going to reconstruct it.


It took 200ish years to build it. Of course they would rebuild it lol

Edit: 182 years, to be precise


But thanks to the efficient machines and technology of today, it will probably be reconstructed in something only like five years.