“Events” collab?


Did you get the pass?


no not yet!


@tankt2016 got it!


@tankt2016 Who made that first project?


I did.


Awesome! I liked it!


Hey everyone! When you make a draft, please title it with your name. DON’T go into someone else’s project, unless you have their permission, to make sure they’re not on it. Thanks! If you don’t have the account, please ask tankt. Please have this topic on Watching, so you will know if there is something for you to code. If you need any help, feel free to tag me, @GameCodingCrazy123, or @Hopscotcher. Thanks!


I might make mine sometime soon, sorry (I am not active on the app during the week much)


That’s fine! What event are you going to do?


No thanks


@TheDeliciousOrange I see you’ve joined…


@ThatEnglishMuffin Would u like to join?


Will respond later. Can’t talk now


I gtg. Bye. C u at school tomorrow.


@tankt2016 I need the pass…


We should have me (SPE33) look over the projects before we make them:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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@UnicornRainbow Would u like to join?


I will join


Awesome! Can you edit the wiki in the top post?


No, I can’t edit it