“Events” collab?


Hello, what ever this is


It is a shared account.


The pass was exposed for half an hour
so do you guys want to risk possibly being hacked or get an account with a limit?

  • risk possibly being hacked
  • get a new account with the project limit

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you know @Stylishpoopemoji33 I’ll join, but can I be more of a bug tester? Thank you!


Tankts tankt!


Yes it is.


Sure! Everyone is welcome!


thank you!


@tankt2016 I never got the pass…


@Stylishpoopemoji33, could I post my projects on here instead of on the account?


Because someone replied to the post, exposing the pass to literally everyone who looked at the post the person replied to, when I specifically said not to reply, and now we have the risk of getting hacked unless we use a new account because I have no more old collab accounts.


Sure! That would be fine.


Dang it! How should I get the pass? Is it a risk worth taking?


I’d tag everyone one by one when they’re on, on a secret post.
If we should risk possibly getting hacked.


Thanks. Who exposed us?


Can u tag me @tankt2016? I think we should risk the hacking…


Hopscotcher replied to the post

Ima tag you to the pass


I got it. Thanks! Gonna go sign in… did u give it to the other members?


I tried but then someone replied and exposed the pass so idk how many people got it.
GweTV got it though.


what about me?