“Events” collab?


Ya know, I inspired them to make it. I asked them about it (just a little bit of a brag here). It does seem pretty cool though, your idea. Would it be ok if I would be there just to view the project and critique it?


Ok. Sorry. I’ll stop asking.


Never mind. Thanks for kinda joining!


Yes! Feedback is great!




Could I join? I have a question though…could we also do pixel arts?


Of course you can join! Any type of coding is welcomed.


@BabyButterfly Can you please add yourself to the top post wiki? Just like Hopscotcher did.


Yeah, I can. Oh wait, thanks @tankt2016 for editing me in


I am definitely in this! My trail art was kind of improvised but I really like the concept.


I would be honored to have u!


@FearlessPhoenix Would you like to join?


@tankt2016 Did u find an account that would work?


Oh sorry I haven’t gotten to it yet!
I’m working on a pixel art for CoM rn, I’m almost done and will look for an acc after that


That’s fine! Thanks!


Ok I got an account with unlimited projects on it.
The user name is EventCollab and I’ll tag everyone in the collab to a wiki with the pass on it, to exchange the password, when they’re on.


I’ve tagged PillowFace, GweTV, and Mindcool24 to the pass.


Correction I tagged literally everyone in the collab


Is this a shared account collab? If so, could I just post my projects on here instead of on the account because I’m not really comfortable sharing an account? (Nothing personal, just I’m kinda safety wary, like really safety your wary)


I got it :wink: