“Events” collab?


It is. I would LOVE to have you tankt. Thanks!





I would join, but I’m more of a loner (sorry it’s just who I am)

But I’ll still help with code if you guys ever get stuck!


Yeah it was. Is that a no?


Sounds like an awesome idea. The black hole thing has become a meme


Sure! Thanks! Can u edit the wiki with a maybe?


Yup. Would u like to join?


i said idk
do you know what that means


I put for code help in the wiki


Sure I’ll join!


Yes or no @Hopscotcher?
it seems okay
but other people probably would like it so yes
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Ok thanks!

And you’re absolutely sure the collab is going to be making more than 15 projects?
You’re not just planning to, and the collab isn’t going to become dead in a month?

Sorry, I just don’t want to waste the unlimited account if it’s not going to be used anyway!


I think it would be better if you put the members of the collab in the very first post


Thanks! Glad to have u!


Great! Can u edit the wiki?


I’m glad to help in some way


Yeah sure.


Other people might quit, but I’m going to keep doing this. I’m sure. Thanks tankt!


Ok. I’ll make it a wiki.


Ok ima go find one then!

And if it winds up not making 15 projects, I might be able to figure out how to transfer the projects to another account (if that’s possible) or something, if the account needs to be reused or something, so the projects are still saved.