“Events” collab?


Hey everyone! I had an idea for a collab called “Events”. This was inspired by @William04GamerA’s black hole trail art, which was inspired by the first ever picture of a black hole which was released on April 10, 2019. It would be kind of like a trail/shape art channel. Whenever something cool happened, like an important event, hopscotches could sign up to make it. Does this sound like a good idea? Would anyone like to join this collab? Thanks!

People in collab:

Only edit yourself in or out please!

@Hopscotcher (as an advisor and/or feedback giver only unless I want to do something else)
@GameCodingCrazy123 for code help
@Silverdolphin (beta tester/ feedback person!)
@TheDeliciousOrange (occasionally, I have a lot of projects in the making…)
@laser_eyed_puppy (beta tester and coder)




Good idea m8ey


that sounds awesome!


Thanks! Does that mean you would be interested in joining?


Would you like to join?


Yes, it does.
For example, a project or trail art on a holiday would be placed there.
Or pi day stuff!


I’m not so experienced yet, so when I am a little more then maybe? Sorry, and good luck!


Would you like to?


People in collab:

Only edit yourself in or out please!

@GameCodingCrazy123 for code help


That’s fine!


Where is the wiki?


I forgot to make it one lol! Now it is…


Okay XD
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Did u want to be in it?


Can I join?


Can I join?

Also I could grab an account with unlimited projects but I’ll only do it if this collab is for sure (not just thinking about or possibly doing it) making 15+ projects.


Great idea @Stylishpoopemoji33!!


Sure! Anyone can!


idk m8
solar eclipse definitely was something though