"Evening Chill" with MobCraft!


So this is my new forum show, which starts at 10 PM Central Time!
So I will be highlighting some HS-related stuff (aka Featured, fun stuff on the forum, etc) and having fun.

Credit to @QueenShaeShae for the concept!

The new evening chill

Yay! I will be awake for 30 mins at 10:00


Sounds cool!:grinning: Is the show starting tonight?


Hi welcome it's me, MobCraft!
It's right now raining in Minnesota...
Anyways, there have been three Features: One of them being Olympics by happyfacegirl.

The message you get when you lose is 100% wow.

You guys should read it :stuck_out_tongue:


Or no...
Or yes...
Or no...
Or yes...
I don't know
Ask my manager, MobCraft.


Introducing a new trend on the forums... evening shows!


But you're MobCraft... XD


Now let's start our little segment on...



Who's MobCraft?
I'm MobCraft. :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, so you're probably wondering why a 70 year-old would bother making an account on the Hopscotch Forum.

Ya know why?

He loves propaganda. 100%.


Wat is ur fav project?


Ya know what he also likes?
Wild hair.
Obviously he is trying to convert us into wild hair people :stuck_out_tongue:
I'm pretty sure we'd all die if we didn't comb our hair :stuck_out_tongue:


(Donald Trump segment in process, try again later)


This is suuuuper cool and all, but it is knda sorta like the hopscotch late night show.




I forgot to give credit :sweat_smile:


Oh okay.. Carry on XD XD XD


Because he likes everything wild.
Wild West, wild food, wild ideas, you name it!

Why try to convert us to unmannered people?
Well, exactly!
He wouldn't try to do that, eh?
Or would he...


Well anyways, there was a speech tonight in Texas.
It was everything you'd expect from Trump.
Reminds me of @danyatie :stuck_out_tongue:


"kool intersting talk show"
- said me