Ask me anything except for obvious inappropriate subject including politics!
This can be from help with codes to curiosity about me or my projects. It can even be why I used a clickbait title.



Yus me has question..

Why does the title say you're bad???

First :>


Hi @Etalix! I just wanted to say I love your work and I always hoped you would come back!


Because I can be?
But seriously, I have no idea.


Oh ok...

Anyways have a nice day!


I also hoped you came back during that break you took because I didn't see your favorite list change at all.


Dis be click bait lol?
'Cause if so, it worked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

What are you working on?


@Etalix When's your next featured? And how many featured do you have? (If you remember, please tell me names of projects) Thanks!


Where do you get the ideas for your projects?
Which project of yours are you most proud of?
Potato gnome or otatop emong?
What is your favorite type of project (trail art, games, music, etc.)?


It is the worst kind of clickbait!!!!

At the moment, I'm collabing with Rawrbear but I'm also working on a Magma Boss Fight and possibly another sword fight game.


True, but I came to see who would dare diss Senpai @Etalix!

Senpai noticed me ahhh!


I changed the title. Coz @Etalix is AMAZING!!!



Lol I once "collab'ed" with @Rawrbear :laughing:


I don't know what my next feature is because if I can remember, the Hopscotch team chooses features.
I believe I have four features right now...

In Order Based on Time

Moon Quest 2
Ultimate Rock Paper Scissor
Moon Quest 3
Monster Octopus Ball

No Problem


Thanks for the answer @Etalix!
I have 6 featured: Sine and Cosine pattern maker, Colored, Fruit Rain, Make a Bold Text, Snowball Run and Smiley Bounce! :smiley:


People nominate projects on featured :wink:
There is a topic "Nominations for Featured", there you can nominate! :smiley:


How do you come up with such amazing ideas for your games?


Ideas come through sometimes other people's projects such as how @Madi_Hopscotch_ 's Lemonade Project came from my idea lemonade stand. (SENPAI MADI PLZ NOTICE ME) or from actually playing a random company made game and taking elements from it to form a smaller game.

I'm most proud of the Horseback Archer because it was the first to use my value based tap release code. A close second would be the Moon Quest 3 just because it got onto the Most Innovative Hopscotch Projects of 2015 list. :joy:

POTATO GNOME OVER OTATOP EMONG ANY DAY. Those filthy otatop emongs... :rage:

My favorite type of project is of course the games because the interactive features of it which is why I enjoy making and viewing them more than any other types.


Oh cool, thanks for telling me.


Nooooooo... Out of likes...